Why API as a Strategy

Question: What is common between AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, eBay, Amazon, Google, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Windows Vista, Autodesk 3ds Max, LEGO MINDSTORMS and the Apple iPhone?

Answer: Let’s see. At first glance – software and hardware, OS and Web 2.0, developer tools and productivity applications. But they are also all market leaders in their field and they all have APIs (Application Programming Interface) that are used by many companies to build businesses and products on top of them. The value to third-party developers is to avoid recreating the functionality in the base product and as a result, simply focus on creating value-added functionality. Third-party developers also have an automatic installed base of millions to which to sell.

KDYKES: Another example of the tremendous power of baking your API into your business model from the very beginning – & using it as leverage to rapidly accelerate your growth.


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