Read It Later Launches New iPhone App (But if You Don’t Like It, You Can Build Your Own!)

The Read It Later API

As developer Nate Weiner explains on his blog, “as a solo developer, it’s just not possible for me to develop for every mobile device and browser.” That’s why he decided to open up his API so others could build apps that do everything his does including tagging, syncing, account management, and more.

Hopefully, this new openness will encourage other developers to step in and help build applications for Palm, Android, Blackberry, and Chrome or implement the good features he hears suggested to him on a regular basis.

There’s a good chance that developers will jump on this opportunity – and not just because Read It Later already has a user base of 1 million that grows by 5000 new users per day – that’s just one incentive. The other is that API is open for both free and commercial applications, meaning the first (or best) apps developed for new platforms can actually earn money for their creators, just as Read It Later has done for Nate on the iPhone.

KDYKES: Pay attention to this innovative use of an open API that provides a revenue-sharing incentive for developers who create a pipeline of paid subscription users! Go read the full article on RWW.

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