At Fiat in Brazil, Vehicle Design Is No Longer By Fiat – Advertising Age – Global News

Automaker is Relying on Consumers and Social Media for a 2010 Concept Car

NEW YORK ( — Fiat is building a consumer-generated car in Brazil, using input gathered through social media to inform everything from the automobile’s design to its marketing communications.


–> Working with Sao Paulo-based AgenciaClick, part of Aegis Group’s Isobar network of digital agencies, Fiat started a website this month requesting ideas for the work-in-progress Fiat Mio.

“We’re inviting Brazilian consumers to invent the concept car that Fiat will exhibit in the Salao do Automovel, Sao Paulo’s auto show, in October 2010,” said Abel Reis, AgenciaClick’s president and chief operating officer.

They are all answering the key question posed on the site: “In the future we’re building, what should a car have that makes it mine, while still working for others?”

In the two weeks starting Aug. 3, the site had 67,000 unique visitors who submitted 1,700 ideas, and more than 40,000 comments were posted on Twitter. So far, up to 20% of traffic to the Portuguese-language site is coming from outside Brazil. An English-language version was added Aug. 21, with Spanish to follow next month. Posts, mostly in Portuguese, can be translated into English, Spanish, French and Italian with a click.

Users submit ideas for the car-design project — recent posts and tweets pitch bamboo car-seat covers, biometric car-owner identification and outlets to charge laptops — which are studied by Fiat staff. Later, users will be asked for branding and marketing ideas. The concept car will be displayed at Brazil’s 2010 auto show.

KDYKES: wow this is a powerful example of integrating the social web & fostering engagement deep into the company & brand. Bravo Fiat!


  1. Kevin Dykes

    Two reasons why I don’t agree…

    1. This is likely a concept car that will never see production. So, they are gathering insights from customers & other key stakeholders that can be spread throughout their production.

    2. They are doing an actual customer development process that one almost never sees in physical product creation – especially by such a large company. Most design by committee happens in a vacuum well away from customers.

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