An example of how NOT to build API partners … FMyLife Starts Clamping Down On Its API, Has Some Developers Saying FML

Now, FMyLife disallowed paid applications and advertising when its API launched in February 2009, but the company has been inconsistent about enforcing those rules. Some developers have offered their applications with advertising for some time. And FMyLife has even approved the use of advertising and premium versions in some cases, without anticipating just how popular these applications could become. As it turns out, some of these applications have turned into big businesses in their own right, and some have proven to be drains on FMyLife’s servers. Rather than kill off all applications that are monetizing the service, FMyLife has decided it wants a cut.

KDYKES: Great example of a company who released an API with no real strategy or business structure in mind. Now they are in battle with partners using their API over revenue share – this is only the beginning & I suspect the varying law firms will make more revenue here than any of the players.

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