Cloud+Apps=New Enterprise Paradigm? —

The promise enterprises are seeking is the “ultimate notion of disposable apps” said Jones. The meaning of such is clear: one can subscribe to an app, use it until it is no longer fit for purpose and then simply replace it with something new that better fits your changing business requirements.

“IT can empower individual business units to address their specific needs for tactical applications; freeing central IT from having to be involved in every project but assuring a standard infrastructure,” said Jones. “As these tactical apps become more enterprise critical then it will be much easier for corporate IT to take ownership without having to re-write them like many situations today — a much more efficient overall approach to IT.”

We’ve been hearing the same from our customers over the past year. Less about cloud, more about streamlining IT operations through self-service deployment of scalable enterprise applications on-demand. Empower the business-user… this has been our mission in building our Cloud ‘Point of Purchase’ management platform @scaleup

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