iPad + Kindle App + Instapaper + PDFReader App + EverNote = VERY Productive Flight Time

I just completed a 2-week business trip from Germany to Puerto Rico to Utah and back. As you can only imagine, this left tons of time on airplanes & in airports. I used much of this time to re-read some older business books & catch up on a bunch of new ones. This was all about generating new ideas & innovative thoughts for our business (@scaleup) at a very interesting & critical growth time. While I’ve been a fan of the iPad & all it can offer for some time, this trip proved the most useful combination of tasks in a single device that I’ve found. Now back with 3-4 pages of solid actionable notes distilled from my reading – nice.

I read or re-read the following during this trip – highly recommend them all if you have not read at all or lately. (remember, I had LOTS of plane & airport time…)

Do More Faster – David Cohen, Brad Feld & many involved in the TechStars ecosystem. Great insights from a bunch of founders, mentors & investors.

Pitching Hacks – depending on your prior experience, tremendous short reminders or new insights on how pitch – good stuff

Getting Real – The 37 Signals Classic

Running Lean – the just completed book on lean approaches to building a SaaS company. I followed Ash Maura along the process as he iterated on his book but am just now diving in again to read the final version from the beginning. Great insights into a process that works.

Tons of articles I’d saved using Instapaper – if you don’t use it, you are missing a great app!

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