Amazon and the network effect: Why would ISVs go elsewhere? — Cloud Computing News

At, we package open source applications so they are easy to install in any environment, including the Amazon cloud. These packages are available free of charge, but no matter how much we try to simplify the experience, there is still significant friction in the process in terms of just making the decision to give an application a try. The AWS Marketplace removes this friction by making it easier to discover and deploy applications.

This significantly lowers the barrier of adoption of cloud computing at the departmental level, making it easier for business units to bypass traditional IT. Why wait weeks to have a server delivered and setup when you can get pretty much the same result by whipping out your credit card and paying $50 a month for a small instance running the app you need now?

The changing face of b2b sales strategy for software companies is to meet the needs of departmental users and make it easy for them to try & gain value.

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