introduces open source API framework: Geekier

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The Last Gem You’ll Ever Need?

David Anderson — Dec 6th, 2012 —

At we have benefited from many open source projects, such as Ruby on Rails, D3, and Ember. Now we want to start giving back, with a project called Geekier.

Background: so many APIs, so many gems

It is increasingly the case that building any sort of application, be it for the web, or mobile, or desktop, means connecting to several online services via APIs. As a developer, I mostly view this as a good thing, because it means I can offload all sorts of things that I care about doing well but that aren’t central to how I provide my unique value. I want things like payment handling, exception reporting, and analytics, but I don’t want to build them all myself.

As a frequent consumer of APIs, I’ve looked at lots of API specs and libraries over the years. If you are an API provider, and you’re thinking about writing a client library (or ruby gem, or python egg, or …) then I have one piece of advice for you: don’t do it.

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