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Roy Williams New Book ‘Pendulum’ & Seeking to Disprove Your Hypothesis

I’m sending the manuscript of Pendulum to the publisher this week. Like the tower, it turned out profoundly better than I had imagined.  Here’s what the reader will find on the front page of the book when it hits the bookstores next spring: 


“If you will see into the heart of a people, look closely at what they create. Examine the inventions to which they pay attention. Read their bestselling books.

Listen to their popular music.
This is how you will know them.” 
 – Roy H. Williams

Having made my 90-minute presentation on Society’s 40-Year Pendulum to 241 auditoriums full of people in the past 8 years, I began this book by trying to disprove my own 40-year hypothesis.

My friend Dr. Kary Mullis, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, said,

“Roy, there are few, true scientists left in the world. Too often, a scientist will develop a hypothesis and then look for supporting evidence. They identify with their hypothesis and they want it to be correct. This is bad science. When you have a hypothesis, your job is to try to disprove it. No one knows more about your hypothesis than you do. No one else is as qualified to discover its flaws. When you believe a thing to be true, your first responsibility is to do everything you can to disprove it.”

I’ve long been a fan of Roy Williams & Wizard Academy. Years ago I was granted as scholarship to attend Roy’s Magical Worlds Workshop and there I first heard of his ’40 Year Pendulum’ – it changed my perspective on people, culture and business!

As Roy has been writing his new book, as he explains above, he is being forced to re-examine his hypothesis to ensure his science is true and unbiased. This reminds me a great deal of the early stages of building a technology company today.

As a founder of a technology company and as an advisor to several others, it is key to seek to prove our hypothesis – not just assume it is accurate and drive forward writing code. That is what the lean startup, customer development and MVP is all about.